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SPECIAL NOTICE!!!! Eisbar Olympic Hats availability!!

Eisbar of Austria has now decided to produce the Austrian Olympic hats for shipping to us in the fall! I know I had many emails from customers looking to purchase this hat. However these hats WILL NOT have the Olympic logos. Please see the pictures below for how his hat will look. If you would like me to reserve a hat for you, please contact us with the item number, the color code and quantity. Please see below for these codes.

Succeed MU 30596-100 is top left hat-White Retail $74.99
Succeed MU 30596-006 is top right hat-Grey Retail $74.99
Succeed Lux Crystal MU 30597-100 is bottom left hat-White Retail $114.99
Succeed Lux Crystal MU 30597-006 is bottom right hat-Grey Retail $114.99
We will contact you in the fall when they arrive!
Thanks to everyone for all your purchases! We appreciate it!!!

Austrian Ski Hats represent and provide you, the avid snowsports enthusiast, the finest quality ski hats and lids made for the Austrian Ski Team by Eisbär of Austria.

Eisbär ski hats, the finest quality ski hats made for the Austrian Ski Team by Eisbär of Austria. Order now from Austrian Ski Hats' online catalog. Eisbär is the official licensed supplier to the famed Austrian Ski Team. Using only the finest quality yarns and knits from the world over, Eisbär has been supplying hats to the Austrian Team for over 50 years!

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